WWDC 2012 To Unveiled the iPhone 5 or iOS 6?


It’s believed that Apple will introduce  the new iPhone 5 the public at the developer conference WWDC  2012 presentation  but now, it  is unlikely to happened, but still rumors. First and foremost it's about the new iOS 6, whose extradition is expected to take place along with the iPhone 5.


The world is talking about the new iPhone 5, there are rumors about new features in iOS 6 are very scarce.Some speculate, however, have opened up yet and affecting primarily the linguistic control SiriWe expect a better voice recognition, because some users have complained about it very often. In addition to other functions can be controlled via Siri, for example, the built-in camera app.

Not quite unlikely are also burgeoning rumors that iOS 6, Siri, the voice assistant on the Apple iPad 2  and 3 iPad 3Therefore, the surface of Siri have been revised, with concrete evidence so far lacking.

Widgets in Android copied?

Purely speculative is believed that iOS 6 also about widgets on the home screen will have. Whether this rumor is confirmed, however, until the WWDC show 2012th Remain in doubt, then maybe because Apple is the face of criticism, this function is copied in the Android competitor to have. The opportunities for widgets on the home screen so we see less than 50 percent.


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