XBMC is a well-liked media middle to be had for a couple of structures, iPhone, iPad also available for Apple TV with the only requirement to have with Jailbreak for installation. Now updated to Version 11 offers new features to the default skin, and other improvements related to Blu-Ray, Airplay and network management.

Also available for iPhone or iPad, although it is really interesting in the Apple TV to enjoy more content from the living room of the home. 
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These are the new features in version 11:

  • Improved the default skin, speed and the media center.
  • Improved configuration of the network management.
  • Improved management of Blu-ray.
  • Improved integration with Airplay.
  • Updated the weather service is supported on GeoIP.

This update is now available for different platforms, in addition to the iPhone, iPhone and Apple TV. To install on your device will need to have Jailbreak and add the repository  http://mirrors.xbmc.org/apt/ios/


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