When XBMC appeared in 2002, lived up to its name. XBox Media Center was an application for the first Xbox –  yes- allowing manage and play different types of multimedia content. The development was a real find, and these consoles became more powerful devices in that facet.

Such was the success of that application a few years later groups of programmers managed to move it to other platforms and operating systems. XBMC further developed for the original Xbox, but soon his real success focused all efforts in versions for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. The jump to other Android devices and even products like the Apple TV has become an absolute reference in launch of Media Centers, but now the project is renamed: Kodi be called.

Also to be noted that to install this program, we must have done the jailbreak aa our device. And this is a software system libraries touches and this makes it impossible to be published in the App Store. At least, for now. Therefore need to add in Cydia source of team-Kodi: http://mirrors.kodi.tv/apt/ios/

Step 1: Find the Cydia icon on your home screen and launch it.

Step 2: Hit the ‘Sources’ tab, followed by Edit > Add.

Step 3: You’ll then be met with a pop-up dialog box, inside which you’ll need to paste the following URL:


When done, confirm by tapping ‘Add Source’.

Step 4: Now that you have successfully added the repository, run a search for “Kodi-iOS” and when it pops up, install it.

Step 5: Let Cydia work its magic, and in a short while, you’ll be able to use Kodi on your iOS device.



The most curious and can prove the first draft of this software: Kodi 14.0 “Helix” alpha2 is available from the downloads page of the project, and although the name change will be gradual -there are many websites, social networks and other issues up- dated, will have to get used to using that name.


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