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According to the marketing manager of Xbox Live, the Xbox is now competing with the Apple TV and other Google TV . The change began in 2008 with the opening to Netflix , streaming video service, then with the opening of the Zune Video Marketplace. Now, about 42% of Xbox users with a Gold Account watching television or movies at least an hour a day. The further away from its Xbox console image pure and hard and strange as it may seem, according to Craig Davison KINECTS contributes to the remoteness of the games. The KINECTS notably allows to manipulate the playback of movies through gestures or voice commands. Xbox enters the same market as the Apple TV or Google TV.

Apple offers the Apple TV in the U.S. at a price two times lower than the Xbox 360. But even though sales of the Apple TV 2 is much better than the first generation, the terminal is far from Apple's sales of Xbox (Microsoft has sold 1.37 million for the month of November alone).It may lack the Apple TV App Store filled with some of the games from the App Store iOS …


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