Microsoft continues to expand and upgrade their services not only for Windows and Windows Phone. So today we could see how the application of Xbox Music, if still with this brand, not as brand new Music Groove, has been updated to expand its functionality significantly and can begin to compete with Spotify, Google Music or Apple Music.

New for Android
News for this operating system are as follows, highlighting the possibility of using music in onedrive and does not need an Xbox Music Pass for operation. In this way we will have available the music library we want through local onedrive can download music that interests us.

  • The offline music playback devices that we have in some supported.
  • The music we have in the Music folder in onedrive appear in our collection and can reproduce streaming or downloading to your device.
  • No need Xbox Music Pass to use the application. Normal to have available the previous function. Just your Microsoft account to access.
  • In addition to downloading playlists, you can download individual songs or albums for offline use.
  • You can refine your music you have to see that you have on your device so you do not consume data.
    Solutions to various failures.


New for iOS
They are similar to those discussed mus Android. You can also pass as a repository onedrive use your music to your device and downloading the songs you want to play them offline so.

  • No need Xbox Music Pass to use the application. Of course, it will still require some functions such as radio, but not for access to the application.
  • Music stored in the Music folder on OneDrive now appears in collection. In this way we can use this application to have on hand our library of music through OneDrive.
  • In addition to playlists, you can download to your device individual songs or albums we have in our storage OneDrive.
  • Collection will be filtered to present only the songs we have in our device and thus not consume data.
    Solution to various failures.

Xbox Music as a global platform

As we can see, with these updates Microsoft is preparing a comprehensive platform for music, leading roles, how OneDrive Music, that were available only in Windows or Windows Phone to Android and iOS. In this way, you will be able to have your music collection available on any device.

Remember you do not need an Xbox Music Pass to enjoy these new features, but if you have one (1 months free, then move to $9.99 per month or $99 per year), we will also have an additional 100 GB free on OneDrive. All this added to the opportunity to be able to listen music collection from Microsoft Store, which is one of the largest.

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