Formerly known as Xbox Media Center (XBMC) software has been publicly available as Kodi for quite a while, did not landed to the Microsoft store until the end of 2017. Recently, the app disappeared suddenly from the Microsoft Store, but now Kodi is back. Why is there no information?

Kodi is currently by far the most popular media center, which is also because it can be easily equipped as an open-source software with extensions, both legal and illegal. It is also immensely popular, which is why many an Xbox One owner has long wished that there is the application for the Microsoft console, which, thanks to Universal Windows Platform (UWP) basically or theoretically longer possible.

And finally, at the end of 2017, the app was finally available in an “alpha” version for the Xbox One. “Finally”, because there was almost a year between announcement and publication. But last week followed the renewed (short-term) Off, because the app was taken because of an unspecified problem from the Microsoft Store.

In Kodi’s official forum, the creators of the application wrote that they were aware of the problem and would accept it. It was not clear whether the problem was technical or related to Microsoft or the Redmond store.

But now everything is back up and running again, Kodi is listed in the store again for the Xbox One. In the course of the re-release also already installed applications receive an update with various fixes. From this one can conclude that the problem was technical, but details are not available.

(via Windows Central).

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