From Gamescom 2014 we received the news that One will support Xbox and MKV formats, including animated GIF files or DVD. One of the news that liked most of Gamescom 2014 is that One will support Xbox and MKV formats. That is, we can turn our console for watching videos from USB devices, and in the future, WiFi network, cable, etc. Does not that sound a dream come true?

The truth is that this is one of those requests that go back to Xbox 360 and even the first Xbox. Some even remember why the Media Center famous for dozens of operating systems called XBMC (now known as Kodi). The idea of ​​using a media player connected to the TV comes from long ago. There are excellent solutions, TV tuners, PVR and almost all TVs have a USB port or connectivity to access any video or audio files. Hence the strange result that Microsoft gave step back to Xbox 360, after adding support for WMV, QuickTime and some other files, long ago.

Now, we received the news that Xbox One will support MKV and other formats like own the DVD, and animated GIFs. The console will be able to display HD video with full power of Xbox, the HDMI video output and options for anchoring the application while playing or watching some other section of the interface. It seems that the goal of Microsoft, they do not go out and sign-off the console win another point.

Here the list of formats supported by a future update of Xbox One:


For now, we must wait for a future software update Xbox One, like most recently responsible for the friends section has improved a lot. Also, incidentally, it would be nice if Microsoft would focus on optimizing the energy consumption of Xbox One and add extras to invite us to see these videos in MKV with the console and not integrated in the TV application, satellite tuner unit or Android low consumption … How about the news?


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