xBox One Vs PlayStation 4The next generation of games consoles has been unveiled, with both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 having now had their own announcement events. Surprisingly, little of the online reaction to these has been about the games themselves – instead, we’ve mostly heard talk about used game sales, hardware performance, live TV capabilities, and even the use of the Lumia 925 as a second screen in Microsoft’s presentation.

In this article, we’re going to do our part to reverse that trend, looking at how the two consoles compare in terms of the games that have been announced for them.

Xbox One exclusives

Thus far, only three exclusives have been announced for the Xbox One: Forza 5, Quantum Break and Ryse.


Forza 5 is the next generation of Microsoft Studios’ beautiful and comprehensive racing simulation. Quantum Break is an intriguing game that mixes live action sequences with normal gameplay. Ryse is a less well-known third person hack-and-slash game set in Roman times, developed by Crysis developers Crytek. However, Microsoft have promised 15 exclusive titles, including 8 featuring new IP, in the first year of the system’s availability.

PlayStation 4 exclusives

Sony have announced many more exclusive titles for the PlayStation 4 – eighteen at my last count.

killzone shadow fall

The list includes some big franchises historically for PlayStation, like Infamous: Second Son and Killzone: Shadow Fall. Infamous looks to continue the series open-world super-powered action antics in new setting of Seattle, while Killzone: Shadow Fall showcases some amazing graphics and solid-looking FPS gameplay. These two heavy hitters are being followed with two other first-party games featuring new IP: Knack, a 3D platformer reminiscent of Crash Bandicoot or Katamari Damacy and Driveclub, a community-oriented racing game.

There are also some more indie titles, like a Super Stardust HD follow-up and Braid-creator Jonathan Blow’s The Witness.

Note that I’m counting exclusive titles as those that haven’t been announced for Xbox One – some of the titles below are available on PC or on other systems, like free-to-play multiplayer shooter Blacklight: Retribution, upcoming violent racer Carmageddon: Reincarnation, action-RPG Diablo III from gaming gods Blizzard Entertainment, Eastern European RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and flight sim War Thunder.

Rounding out the selection are a bunch of games that I know little about – Capcom title Deep Down, the hilarious-sounding Doki Doki Universe, potential Santa Claus game Hohokum, generic Primal Carnage: Genesis, equally nonsensical Project: Heart and Soul, weird Rocketbirds 2: Evolution, and straightforward The Pinball Arcade.

Cross-platform games

Happily for gamers, most of the biggest upcoming titles will be playable on both PS4 and X1, with twelve titles confirmed so far.

call of duty ghosts

Shooters are well represented with Battlefield 4Destiny and Call of Duty: Ghosts. All titles feature rather incredible graphics, and seem to eclipse their predecessors in initial impressions. Battlefield 4’s multiplayer will include the commander mode last seen in Battlefield 2142, Destiny looks like Halo remained in new IP, and Call of Duty: Ghosts has a photogenic motion-captured dog.

Sports games are also well represented, as you’d expect. EA Sports have announced four new titles for both consoles that showcase their new game engine Ignite: football title FIFA 14, hand-egg title Madden 25, basketball game NBA Live 14 and fighting game UFC. What little we’ve seen here has been fairly impressive, with upgraded graphics and physics.

The remaining games are all big hitters too. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is a piratical take on the best-selling Assassin’s Creed series of acrobatic action games. Need for Speed: Rivals continues Criterion’s expert reboot of the Need for Speed franchise into a new open world that can shift between multiplayer and single player races seamlessly. Watch Dogs looks like Grand Theft Auto in the techno-future, with rampant hacking and stealthy action-adventure. Thief is the long-awaited reboot of the treasured medieval stealth series. Dying Light is probably the least well known of the bunch, but looks to be a compelling blend of Mirror’s Edge and Dead Island, for a parkour-style zombie survival game.


I’ve never been so excited about the new generation of games as I have been while writing this article. There are so many promising titles coming, and I can’t wait to see how they take shape.

While the PS4 looks like it has a slight edge at the moment, it’s important to remember that gamers are the real winners here. Also, both Sony and Microsoft will be showing off a massive amount of new games at E3 in just a few weeks’ time, so stay tuned for plenty of new announcements and more details on many of the games above.

Thanks for reading the article and have a good one!

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