xBox One Vs PlayStation 4

xBox One Vs PlayStation 4The battle between the xBox One and PlayStation 4 is obviously inevitable, we have been hearing about this battle since last Tuesday, until both consoles hit the shelves, Maybe Sony did not have the courage to present the console last February and settle alignment submit all video games and control of the new PlayStation 4. They think that they lost nothing by waiting and endured all that the console could on June 10 where it would be first revealed at E3. Microsoft for its part, was kind enough to please all those who were already expecting to see who would be the successor to the xBox 360, xBox presenting the One . This would be the new entertainment center Giant Software, which will bring Games, Music, TV, Internet, Sports, Videos and integration with the cloud.

Both consoles have received mixed reviews. Although Sony does not know how to be physically, we have an idea of how it might be by the teaser that the company presented last Tuesday and the concept that was created by T3.  Who better than  Anandtech  to review the hardware side of power of these new machines.Although a premature comparison, Anand Lal Shimpi sack time to explain more in detail the Pros and Cons of each of the consoles and creating a table that shows a comparison in both specifications.


However, there is still much for both consoles arrive in stores (both will later this year) so it would be unfair sentencing which console is better without have been fully tested. So, the only thing you can do for now is make a comparison of the characteristics aseptic techniques. And that some elements have not yet been disclosed, for example, hard disk capacity of PlayStation 4.

Once these relevant clarifications, we present the comparative table Xbox One vs PlayStation 4

xBox One versus PlayStation 4


Lal Shimpi prognosis was once in depth and thorough, as he frequently does, nevertheless it comes right down to this;

In accordance with what we all know thus far, Sony has the brink with regards to specs and uncooked energy.

Shimpi Lil prognosis is excellent, when you’ve got plans to buy a console should learn, however here is an excerpt of what was once mentions:

Each consoles make use of an eight-core processor AMD Jaguar – which is a giant win for AMD – The PlayStation four has 1,152 GPU cores in comparison with the Xbox One simplest has 768 cores photographs. Sony’s new console 1.eighty four TFLOPS drives consequently, when put next with the height efficiency of the brand new Xbox One 1.23 TFLOPS.

The PlayStation four additionally has a bonus in relation to device reminiscence, with 8GB of 5500MHz GDDR5 reminiscence in comparison with the Xbox Person who has the same quantity however with 8GB DDR3 2133MHz RAM pace. Onboard reminiscence bandwidth and reminiscence constructed into the PlayStation four, are nonetheless unknown.

Already with this hardware assessment , we’ve got the influence that one is within the entrance  within the race. Once more Sony will provide avid gamers a greater console on the subject of energy and pace. For hardcore avid gamers, the Sony PlayStation four console appears to be one of the best match.

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