Xcode is the IDE or construction interface for each Mac OS X as IOS , developed by way of Apple itself. we already talked just lately in regards to the Golden Grasp standing and subsequently was once on the subject of its look because it was once introduced on the ultimate WWDC.


Well, oddly enough, last March 3, alongside the release of iOS 4.3 Golden Master, Apple also released version 2 of the Golden Master of Xcode 4 (strangely enough for GM versions typically have only one version). For what purpose?The iOS include the aforementioned 4.3 Golden Master for developments such as version in this latest version.


What's more, because with this addition, we found a curious message on the official website for developers Apple has caught our attention and makes us understand that on Friday March 11 could get this Xcode 4 version in its final version.

Xcode 4 GM seed can now be used to submit iOS and Mac apps to the App Store

This has not happened with previous versions of the first GM, which forced to make submissions to the current version 3, despite having developed in 4. It is very important to note that if now they can be sent to review the applications developed with this new version, already available IOS version 4.3 in April, is more likely from March 11, Xcode 4 be in the development tool for all those working on applications for Mac OS X and IOS with Apple tool. Especially, those who develop applications for Mac App Store and the App Store iOS .

We must remember also, as an argument to see more clearly the next release, there is already a curious version 4.1 (without having been officially launched version 4.0), which is the official version to test and develop with the preview of Mac Os X Lion.

The change will be important, since  Xcode 4 introduces important and substantial improvements to the development tool, which will further improve the productivity of companies and people who use it and will give even more strength to the already exciting world of development Apple environments.


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