Until now, if you wanted to test your iOS developments beyond the simulator you had to enroll in the iOS Developer Program. With Xcode 7 and Unified Development Program recently introduced by Apple, this is no longer true.

Apple has recently changed (coinciding with the 2015 WWDC) its policy regarding the required permissions to run applications on physical devices based on iOS. So far users had to pay $ 99 annually to win this capacity among others, including publishing products in the App Store.

Now, as part of the Unified Development Program presented by Apple, this is no longer the case and anyone can test their developments on devices without the need to perform any previous disbursement. In short, this is excellent news because it allows for greater quality control over certain aspects of the functioning of apps that could not be performed from the simulator software.


With the arrival of iOS 9 and Xcode 7 may install own applications without requiring payment account in the Apple Developer Program. This means that any application that the project may have to be installed by Xcode 7. Yes, either. To those that the company rejects your App Store as emulators.
And that’s what has made a developer as discussed in PocketGamer. You have downloaded the draft GBAios and has installed on your iPhone. A process that is not complicated but requires basic knowledge of how the Apple development environment works.

Therefore, all this makes us think that Apple wants to avoid measures such as Rootless Jailbreak although perhaps this is even more effective as many users only interest was to install applications rejected the App Store.
Of course, the risk of fire piracy would not be such. Unlike may occur on other platforms such as Android, which simply have the .apk, here it would be necessary to have all the code and compile. Not enough to have the .ipa file. We’ll see how everything moves even imagine that more than one Xcode installed in July.

Download: Xcode 7 beta for OS X for free

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