Xiaomi Mi5  made its entrance at MWC 2016, the top end of the company’s range, which really challenge anyone, proposing a technique respectable budget for an entry level price. Featuring  the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, with 4 GB of RAM to support LPDDR4 and one internal storage up to 128 GB with a screen of 5.15 inches diagonal, full HD 1080p resolution and backlight technology 16 LED can provide a brighter screen (600 nit), but that is 17% more efficient, also in terms of consumption. Mi 5 will be available in 3 colors: black, white and gold, and in three different models, with storage of 32, 64 and 128 GB.

The top model with 128 GB of flash, which I called Xiaomi 5 Pro, is composed of ceramics in the back, while the other two models adopt the more traditional glass. On the scale of hardness, the new material adopted reaches 8 Mohs, while only diamonds Clutching hardness 10, with steel that stops at 4.5 points.


The only problem is that, despite being presented at an event for the international press in Barcelona, ​​the only countries in which Barra has confirmed that the phone will appear are China and India. The first will arrive on March 1, while later appear both in India and abroad unconfirmed. However, the chances that appears officially in Europe are virtually nil according to statements Barra has in the past.

Xiaomi E5 – Design


Xiaomi has said that the reason we had to wait almost two years to see the successor to the Xiaomi Mi 4 is precisely the design. According to Hugo Barra, has been a major effort to introduce a camera lens at the position of the iPhone 6 (upper back) not to excel, and a home button with fingerprint scanner like the Samsung Galaxy S6 (elongated and the front part) to reduce body-screen ratio. The result, unfortunately, is a phone with a look halfway between the flagship phone from Samsung and Apple.

It’s a little disappointing that a manufacturer that has gained international attention as large as Xiaomi, whose efforts in recent years have kept us on the edge of the seat, has fallen into the annoying tendency to imitate the design of its two main competitors. Although, in its defense, it must be remembered that this phone will probably land on more than an emerging market where imitation iPhones and Galaxys may have more room.

Xiaomi E5 – Features

The fingerprint sensor of Xiaomi MI5 installed this time on the start button, rather than at the back, as it appeared in the redmi Note. Set the mark for the first time takes just over five seconds, and recognition is also done fairly quickly.


MI5 comes with MIUI 7 Xiaomi’s own interface. What differentiates this from other common interfaces is, like many other Chinese brands, the absence of the application menu. By downloading apps, these remain in the Start menu, from which can be grouped into different folders, similar to iOS way. So if you had the trial, however, it was with all Google Apps, which is not often found in the company phone.

The Android version in which the software is based is none other than Android 6.0 Marshmallow, as expected, so it functions like Doze mode or managing app permissions are present in this model.

Additional features of Xiaomi MI5 include a display of 5.15 “, 32/128 Gigabyte of internal storage, a 3000 mAh battery, camera 16 megapixels with Sony IMX298 sensor and 4-axis optical image stabilization, and a sophisticated design with Ultra bezel thin that took more than two years of work, a finding that the vice-president Hugo Barra did not fail to emphasize that long in Barcelona.

Xiaomi E5 – Camera

Xiaomi E5 camera can take pictures with a resolution of up to 16 megapixels. It is a Sony IMX298 sensor, the same as shown not only in the Huawei Mate 8 but also in the newly introduced BQ Aquaris X5 Plus. The final camera work depends on many other things besides the sensor. Still, experience has shown that in the above mobile imaging is good, although not to the quality of the great flagships, which neither should expect from a phone of less than $300.

During the test, the phone has responded quite well. Under conditions of inner glow, the Xiaomi E5 has been able to take good pictures even when used with trembling hands, which contributes to its image stabilizer 4-axis. The phase detection autofocus also responds correctly, both capturing images, such as video, which incidentally do in 4K.

The software has a manual mode that allows you to adjust the white balance, focus, exposure time and ISO, as well as the typical image filters.

Xiaomi E5 – Battery

Given the compact dimensions of the phone, surprised to see that Xiaomi has managed to install a battery of 3,000 mAh. In addition, we have implemented the Quick Charge 3.0 technology thanks to the Qualcomm processor. This system significantly reduces the charging time, which the company says reach between 80 and 90% in just one hour, something that we will discover when we can spend more time with this smartphone.


Xiaomi E5 – Availability and Pricing

The latest flagship Xiaomi appear on the market in three different versions. The most affordable it cost 1999 RMB (≈ $306) and bring 32 GB of flash memory and rear glass, but also be the only one whose clock speed is reduced to 1.8 GHz instead of 2.15 GHz . there will be another version with 64 GB of internal storage will also bring a backshell 3D crystal, and priced at 2299 RMB (≈ $350). Finally, the Pro version will be the one to bring 4 GB of RAM, compared to 3GB at their disposal the other two versions, as well as a rear ceramic 3D at a price of 2699 RMB (≈ $413 ).

Virtually none of the aspects of terminal unlikely to be disappointing, and even if something is not up to expectations in the final test will be easy to forgive if you consider the price of the cheapest version does not exceed  $330.

Xiaomi has done nothing less than what was expected was: to produce a phone with characteristics similar to those of today’s high-end smartphone features, but at a reduced rate. His very original design confirms that this is a phone that will not be a huge innovation, but neither intended to be.

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