Xiaomi MIUI 6 – Android interface with iOS 7 design



Recently Xiaomi, which the press often calls the “Chinese Apple”, officially announced its new  MIUI 6 smartphone with an iOS interface, working in conjunction with Android, got a lot of improvements and new chips and has an incredible resemblance to iOS 7 and future iOS 8 firmware.

128Striking resemblance noticeable to the naked eye, and, it appears, even in the smallest details, down to the design of full-time programs such as Calendar and Calculator. Even if you create a page with a description of MIUI 6 on its official website Xiaomi clearly inspired by Apple with its inherent minimalism.

420By the way, the Chinese company Xiaomi was established in 2010 and has now gained popularity all over the world for its high quality gadgets that combines top-end filling and affordable price. And, I must pay tribute to the leadership of Xiaomi, which admits that the creation of products inspires them Apple. A founder of the Chinese company Zhun Lei calls himself the next Steve Jobs and copies the style of the legendary co-founder of Apple, appearing even on large-scale presentations in blue jeans and a black T-shirt.

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