It’s no secret that Xiaomi wants to be the new brand on the market. In fact, its executives have stated on more than one occasion they hope to lead it as many devices in five years. And the truth is they’re giving every reason to the many users who have thrilled. But Xiaomi itself seems to have a special plan for those who love the iPhone and Apple faithful and that could be said. We do not know if get tempt and to change their minds, but of course, intended to try.

Xiaomi strategy to conquer Apple users go through several points. While we look ahead with a little more caution, these would mainly: renewal programs associated with Apple gadgets, incorporating software that facilitates migration and adaptation of their devices to components commonly used apple.

Regarding the third of the strategies we have seen many gadgets Xiaomi are compatible with Nanosim. That means that if someone has an Apple device and think the change would not have to worry, because there is no switch card. About the ideas in the mind of the company, but we have not yet seen, is the possibility of a scrappage plan. Xiaomi That is who pays for the old terminals Cupertino users who decide to take the leap.

But there’s more. For those who complain about how complex it is to move from one operating system to another, it is said that Xiaomi would be ready soon an app that would make it easier for anyone who decides to take the leap. Do you think that will be enough for Apple fans end up betting on the Chinese company or need anything else?

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