Xperia House owners May Are expecting ICS Early Subsequent Month


If Sony worker Siddharth Sai G is to be believed, these of you with 2011 Xperia handsets must be getting a scrumptious little bit of Ice Cream Sandwich within the very first week of the brand new yr.

The tweets posted through the Sony Leisure worker, hash-tagged with #InsiderNews, learn “#ICS anticipated on Jan 1st week for all 2011 Xperia™ branded gadgets.” Whereas Siddharth later said that there wouldn’t be an OEM-themed unlock of Ice Cream Sandwich, and that as a substitute builders had been engaged on normal performance, a brand new construction has known as that into query.


Sony have just released an alpha version of Ice Cream Sandwich as a ROM via their developer website. The build disables all of the radios and some other functionality of the phone, but does allow you to see the new version of Android in action. It also includes a new Holo theme, including a few apps designed to show it off. The new ROM has only been released for three phones – the Arc S, Neo V and Ray.

This is basically the opposite of what Siddharth expected; the ROM has released with visual tweaks but little functionality. While it’s not a full release by any means, it is disappointing that Sony has prioritised the visuals in this way, rather than the more basic functionality that could allow real-world phone use and therefore much greater testing. Still, as a way to introduce the new theme to developers, it’s not bad.

It’s also a pretty good indicator that Siddharth could be right about the eventual release date; the first week of January does seem a rather possible target as long as drivers and so forth can be developed in good time. If you’ve picked up an Arc S, Neo V or Ray then you might want to try it out; otherwise you might want to get your hopes up for an early 2012 release.

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