Tim Cook was interviewed last week and talked about the company new products; spoke of Apple Watch, Apple Music and the Apple TV, ensuring that this fourth-generation Apple TV will be available to ship starting Monday October 26. He also claimed that the new generation of set top box Apple on October 28. Apparently he not told us the whole truth, since it is already possible to buy a fourth generation Apple TV from the Apple’s online store. This means that it might not hit the shelves until Friday.


The ATV4 comes in two versions according to his ability. The 32GB model at a price of $149 and 64GB model at a price of $199. If it is a high or not view each but, if I remember correctly, other models were also around the same price when they went on sale years ago, so a new model like this for the same price money is not something that you can consider too expensive, always compared to previous models.

The delivery time frame is three to five days, although, it is likely that October 30 will be the arrival date.

What is in Apple TV 4 box:


Recall that the main new features included in this new version are its own App Store and Siri Remote control which can control the Apple TV with voice commands. It also has a touch pad, so we can control the device in the same way we do with any iOS device. “The television of the future is already here.”

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