YouTube_HDRThe latest YouTube update recently introduced support for HDR videos on iPhone X, the first Apple smartphone to have an OLED HDR display, as detected by users on Reddit. HDR movies offer greater luminance standard content, and the format also supports video playback on a different screen size, in which the images reproduced will be more realistic as they are rich in color and brightness.

The new feature does not require any update because it is implemented remotely, is not yet available on iPad Pro but can be tested by iPhone X users.

On YouTube there are many videos in HDR hosted by as many dedicated channels including The HDR Channel. Once you find the movie you want to play, to make sure it is in HDR, tap the video itself and then on the “three dots” that will appear at the top right: the quality should be set to 1080p60 HDR.

Despite Apple claims that the of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus displays support HDR technology, the two devices do not mount the same Super Retina panel like the iPhone X.

youtube-hdr-appThe iPhone X is the first Apple smartphone to really support HDR videos, thanks to the “Super Retina” screen. Apple also lists iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as devices that support HDR, but the displays of these models are not the same as the iPhone X, so any HDR content played on 8 or 8 Plus is not HDR.

The YouTube update is available on the server side, so you do not need to update the app further than the latest version now available on the App Store.

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