Google has updated the official app YouTube video sharing to improve compatibility with the latest operating system of Apple. The program has a new keyboard in the style of iOS 7, and now the search results are displayed simultaneously videos, playlists and channels. Also customer support formatting , choice of location and Customizing subtitles.

Update under the symbol 2.3 – third after the release of a major upgrade to YouTube for the mobile platform Apple. In the previous update, 2.2 application receives switch quality when viewing video on Wi-Fi. In YouTube 2.0 was submitted viewer clips , which minimizes the screen and continue playing the video on the ” picture in picture” in parallel with the search for service or scrolling list of videos . The program interface is close to the ” card ” design of other services Google. In the immediate updating function is expected to appear offline browsing .

The most notable addition to YouTube is a video view in the ” picture in picture” . Reduce the roller to see it in parallel with other content scrolling list , you can conduct on the screen from top to bottom . Swipe up from the bottom will return full-screen mode , and from right to left – cancel playback.

YouTube 2.3 Features:

  • The search results are displayed simultaneously videos, playlists and channels.
  • Formatting , choice of location and customizing subtitles.
  • Keyboard style iOS 7 and other improvements.

The application is free and is compatible with devices on iOS 6 and above. Download the new YouTube for the iPhone and iPad , you can link to below.

Download YouTube for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on iOS 7 [Link]

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