YouTube is now using HTML5 instead of Flash by default



YouTube announced Wednesday that from now your web video player will default HTML5 and no Adobe Flash. Therefore, HTML5 will from now the standard format for videos on this service in the Chrome browser, Internet Explorer 11, 8 and Safari beta versions of Firefox. The Cupertino company then clearly explained to Steve Jobs in his open letter, predicting demise Flash in favor of HTML5. As it became known yesterday, the founder of Apple once again proved to be right.

In this change, the objective of YouTube is to provide greater flexibility to developers, and consumers and provide a benefit to engineers extends “beyond web browsers”.

The biggest broadcasts YouTube announced the transition to HTML5 as a standard default for all videos. The once-popular Flash is still only available as an alternative. As for the users, for them, this migration will remain invisible, because most popular browsers, including Safari 8, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11, long supported HTML5 by default.

One of the leading engineers YouTube Richard Leider explained the transition from Flash to HTML5 so that the service has long gone beyond the Web browser and is now available on a variety of devices, including the console, and even Apple TV. Thus, the use of standard looks promising not only obvious, but the only solution at the moment.

Of course, the transition to HTML5 promises users better performance and better quality YouTube videos, including easier access to the video as 60 FPS HD and 4K. In general, the prospects look very bright.

Steve Jobs would definitely be happy with this small but long-awaited victory, which Apple had anticipated a few years ago. After all, the very famous letter to the company’s founder dated 2010.


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