YouTube Launches a New Mobile Portal Dedicated to HTML5[video]


Google has simply launched a brand new replace carrier YouTube for Android and iPhone cell gadgets.

En this model of the YouTube Internet App HTML5 is totally used to reach higher ends up in video high quality, velocity and value – significantly better than 0.33-birthday party purposes.

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The website YouTube is now offering its mobile website in a completely new version written specifically for mobile devices capable of reading the HTML5 such as iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

When the user joins the mobile portal from YouTube via the email address, the latter now find a new user-friendly interface offering quick access to subscriptions, playlists, favorites, videos uploaded, and quick access the search parameters.

The video player interface has also been amended and provides a clearer presentation with many features available: play video in a format better and view / p
ost comments.

According to initial user feedback, this web application of YouTube is significantly better than the native player that can be found especially in the iPhone. The videos take charge quickly.

The time may be ripe for the company acquired by Internet giant to finally updated its native application built into iOS since its inception and has changed little so far.


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