YouTube Music Key vs. Spotify: STREAMING MUSIC BATTLE



The future of music is in streaming platforms. Deezer, Spotify and now Youtube Music Key strive to become the king of this kind of service increasingly used. This time we compare the best-known by all users, Spotify, the new Google promises to be a great option especially for those who love music videos.

The goal of both services is clear: to provide all the music world at the best price. As expected, both have a similar list, although it is true that if Youtube will always be some advantage in this regard and we will find some unfamiliar music that Spotify is impossible. Both, of course, offer the ability to access all the songs without advertising and without interruption, but in the case of Youtube also be able to play videos – or just music in the plano.

Google wanted to offer an additional service to Play Music and therefore has not developed a new app, it has been integrated as a service both web version and mobile, whether in smartphones, tablets and TV (Smart TV or Chromecast ). This aspect is similar to Spotify Music Key as a version for virtually all types of intelligent devices.
Continuing the similarities, subscribing to both services the possibility to listen to music without being connected to internet.

To do so, just as with Spotify, we have to select the video and store it on the device with the app itself, although it is also possible to create playlists and play them. However, in the case of Youtube, store the video as 720p or 480 in addition to the soundtrack, which perhaps not too interested users with devices without the possibility of expanding the internal memory (and it is 4 or 8GB). Yes, the fee includes a subscription to Google Play Music, with more 30 million songs, so the video actually provides an “extra”.

For now, Youtube Music Key is only available for Android mobile devices, whereas iOS version coming soon. We must remember that this service is now in beta while Spotify is really matured after all these years of experience, so for now, the latter should work better.

Same price, would have same functionality?

That’s the price of these two music services are expected though offers platform for so-called heavy Google users- but what interests us? Well, as always, everyone likes. Spotify has some interesting features such as integration between playback devices, while Key Music catalog will give us access to Google Play Music, self-storage Drive and Youtube videos.

Of course, if you want to watch videos, Youtube Music Key is an ideal choice for you, but it remains to see what the exact catalog you can access, which we know in the case of Spotify. The two alternatives are very interesting but have to say that Spotify has enough livestock, especially after all these years on the market.

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