YouTube TV Live Streaming Service Announced



Google today introduced YouTube TV, a new streaming live TV service available through a monthly subscription.

At an event held today at its YouTube Space headquarters in Los Angeles, YouTube announced this new product that, for a price of $ 35 a month, will offer live or recorded content from channels such as ABC, CBS, FOX , NBC or ESPN and several more channels.


With this strategic move, YouTube turns into competition with traditional cable or satellite television services, as well as the streaming offerings of companies such as Netflix or Hulu.

In addition, YouTube did not rule out working with networks such as Time Warner with the aim of offering subscribers channels like HBO.
Anyway, Time Warner ruled out any collaboration with Google until it does not cancel its agreements with the networks of Turner, which houses channels like CNN.


For now, there are no announcements about service in countries outside the United States. YouTube said its viewers watch 1,000 million hours of video per day on their platform, a figure that began to be recorded since last year and was rated as a “milestone” by the technology giant and streaming, according to announced.

“Last year we reached a very important milestone: global viewers watch 1,000 million hours of YouTube content every day,” said the video platform – owned by Google – in its official blog.

In a kind of comparison, YouTube pointed out that if this figure corresponded to a single viewer, it would take about 100,000 years to watch 1,000 million hours of videos.

Speaking to the press, Neal Mohan, product manager for YouTube, said that “the content base (of the platform) is getting richer and richer by the minute.”

“Auto-learning algorithms work better and better at showing users content they like,” Mohan said of the YouTube phenomenon.

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