The Google-owned YouTube video platform announced Wednesday that YouTube TV is launching a live streaming service that allows you to watch live TV channels from any mobile device or even from the TV.

This new service will cost $35 per month for a total of six accounts and will offer live or recorded content from channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC or ESPN. It will also feature children’s channels such as Disney Channel, news like MSNBC, or TV specialties such as E !. Telemundo, SyFy, National Geographic and FX are also included in the basic package, which offers a total of 40 channels outside the local television stations. Instead, Showtime and Fox Soccer Plus can be added for an additional charge. According to CNN, YouTube claims that its offer comes out for less than half the cost of an average cable subscription, and that can be canceled at any time.


With this strategic move, YouTube delves into competition with traditional cable or satellite television services, as well as offering streaming audio content from companies such as Netflix or Hulu. It will also compete with other television streaming services like Sling TV or AT&T. In addition to programs that can be viewed live as on a traditional TV, YouTube TV allows you to record the content that the user wants, to enjoy whenever you want, using a storage unit in the cloud.

YouTube TV can be used on screens of all kinds, from smartphones to televisions, to tablets and computers. YouTube is part of Alphabet, the matrix that encompasses all of Google’s businesses. Its executive director, Susan Wojcicki, said last February that consumers around the world see “1,000 million hours of YouTube every day” and that “younger people do not want to watch TV through traditional channels”

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