YouTube working its own online TV service



While rumors about the Apple TV streaming service  has stopped, they are certainly other companies that are taking the lead in this type of business, such as Hulu, which has confirmed that its TV service streaming is the around the corner. Google could not miss that all these parties points, always hiding behind any of its satellite companies. In this case it’s up to YouTube, where according to some reports filtered, intended to streaming television broadcast under a paid subscription.

Filtration has been published by Bloomberg, this specialized environment is much given to obtain information that nobody knows where they come from but in the end largely successful. TV service on demand from YouTube will be known as “Unplugged” and are giving priority to all developers of the project, with the intention of definitively launch during 2017. This YouTube (Google – Alphabet) would ally with CBS, NBC, FOX and large companies audiovisual draft with the intention of improving the quality of what they offer.

We do not know how far Google will benefit from this new agreement, however, still we expect Tim Cook says something about TV service streaming Apple, as they have done with Apple TV, where the results without being crazy, have managed to make the online  Apple music service, the second most widely used and most profitable in the world. We are also not surprised that the jump into the world of television, Apple runs the same results, however, too many open fronts currently in Cupertino, we find Apple pay in full expansion, the development of iPhone 7 major a with upgrade,  Apple Music and more, and we know the saying, that much does not catch anything.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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