Paul Provide (aka @ chpwn ) has released a tweak that you can use multitasking gestures in a way that is inspired by the gestures on the iPhone, MeeGo (known from the Nokia N9) and a concept video of Max Drake. Previously, Paul Grant also responsible for, among other ProSwitcher, which inspired by Palm OS multitasking to iOS was charged.


Currently Zephyr adds two gestures to create a new multitasking experience for users with a jailbreak possible. Through from the bottom of the screen up Swype displays the multitasking bar Apple, without requiring the Home button needs to be used. Through from the side of the screen toward the center of the screen Swype can quickly be switched to another application. According to Paul Grant, this method is better than activating the  iPhone multitasking gestures on the iPhone, because there used to be four fingers on the small screen. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith also is excited and called
the previous tweak ” the * coolest * IOS jailbreak tweak from @ chpwn “.

Zephyr is on hand for $ 2.ninety nine by means of the BigBoss repository and requires iOS 5.


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