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Want to change the name of the operator in the status bar of your iPhone on something more original? Popular jailbreak-tweak Zeppelin to do this just a one-touch has been updated to version 2.0 and is now fully compatible with iOS 7.

Zeppelin is not the only jailbreak-tweak, with which you can customize the logo of the operator in iOS. However, this unique addition that replaces the text name of one of the original icons.

After installation the tweak from Cydia in the settings there is a new section Zeppelin. It has two options: Enabled and Theme. The first item enables or disables add-in, while the second one can choose from the proper icons. In the original version  include the logo needed, now it works immediately.

Presented in section Theme of the emblem have a quality rendering and perfectly combined with the icon of the signal level. Is available to choose from 19 variants of logotypes of real and fictitious companies and products. Among them:
Assassin’s Creed
Beats by dre
Blue Cloud
Space Invaders

Add to this list their own drawings are very simple. To do this enter the iOS device and copy the new icons in the folder /Library/Zeppelin.

Zeppelin 2.0 can be put on any device running a jailbroken iOS 7. If you haven’t Jailbreak iOS 7 use the Evasi0n 7, we have tutorials on for Windows and Mac OS X.

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