Zhu Zhuzhu 
 While the electronic hamsters tend to sell for under $10 at stores like Walmart, Toys R Us and Target, they're consistently listed as out of stock online.  This has created the whole supply and demand concept in full effect, allowing sellers to get extra money from desperate shoppers. Amazon.com offers Zhu zhu pets here&#one hundred sixty;for any place from $forty eight to $60 per hamster.&#a hundred and sixty; So if you wish to pickup Mr.
Squiggles, Pipsqueak, Num Nums or Chunk which may be one of the simplest ways to head on Cyber Monday or after then.

Fortunate consumers on Black Friday who had been in line at Toys R Us have been entitled to select up one Zhu Zhu hamster per consumer.&#one hundred sixty;&#one hundred sixty;

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