ZOpro: slim case for iPhone 4S/5 integrated with charging cable



ZOpro is a new iPhone 4S / 5  case integrated with a charging cable. Cases for iPhone has long captivated the mass mobile phone users Apple. Shortage in various models of solar reel stands and cases with a battery backup, either. However, an independent developer Joe Adams decided to quite risky and released a new version of the cover for the iPhone, which is a unique feature embedded cord for charging.

Ultrathin accessory not only protects the back cover iPhone 5/4S from damage, but also allows you to charge the phone when it is required. A short power cord is hidden inside the bottom of the accessory and can be removed in one easy motion. As a result, iPhone 5 can be charged at any place where there is a free USB-port.




Along with the constructed-in cable, ZOpro model helps extra equipment within the type of a tripod, interchangeable lenses, coasters and different technological gadgets that connect straight away to Casey iPhone. However the associated fee tag is democratic sufficient novelty, a mere $ 20.

Joe Adams commenced to lift money for the manufacturing of the machine ZOpro Kickstarter crowdfunding Monday. He requested the customers iPhone 4S / 5 partly sponsor the advance, hoping to lift $15,000. A day greater than one hundred thirty folks have entrusted Adams $6500. And whilst you believe that the funding will finish on December 7, hoping to succeed in their purpose.

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