Zynga to launch its own social network?


Will we nonetheless have Zynga, the writer who occurs to have created a lot of Fb video games, like Farmville or Mafia Wars? No, after all, as a result of the entire Geeks already understand. Then again, you can also no longer comprehend is that the small American firm has absolutely experience its recognition to launch its personal gaming platform, a platform that can also be quite a bit nearer to a social community. Now not positive that this initiative contend Mark Zuckerberg, shouldn’t be it, however it could be of passion to all no-lifestyles who spend 10 hours a day on Fb.


And inevitably, for the moment, there is as yet very little information. What we do know is that this social network should be called "Project Z" and all its members can choose to show a pseudonym instead of their name and their name. A nice nod to Facebook, well … In addition, the social network will also offer its own virtual currency, the "zCoin" story that all gamers can buy pure grass bonus to boost their virtual farm or longer if affinities.

History to celebrate the launch of this new social network, Zynga will also benefit to unveilnew games that are sure probably not cause you to hang out a little more. Next, as to whether this will push users to abandon Facebook is another story. The question is indeed whether we play Zynga games because they are on Facebook, or if we go to Facebook to play Zynga games.


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